Kitchen Knife Accessories to Repair 3-Stage Quality

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knife sharpening kit equipped with a three-level sharpening system, the sharpening process includes coarse, medium, and fine. Three grinding grooves are made of diamond, tungsten steel, and ceramic, which are suitable for grinding blunt knives to straighten damaged metal. They are used for daily grinding to remove burrs, and for polishing to maintain blade luster.

For customers to use the knife sharpener more safely and comfortably.We are equipped with cutting resistant gloves for kitchen knife sharpener, making it safer to repair, grind, and polish the blades.

The beautiful and simple design conforms to ergonomics, making it easy to grip and soft during polishing. Easy to use, lightweight and compact, the pocket sharpener is easy to put in the kitchen drawer. The anti slip bottom increases the friction between the sharpener and the countertop to ensure safe operation, effectively using this sharpener for almost any type of smooth blade.

Made of ABS plastic, it has a durable blade groove. Simply place the blunt blade on the sharpening groove and the blade can be sharpened in a few seconds.

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