Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer Stainless Steel 304 Basket Drain Protector

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Drain for any sinks

Our sink drain stopper is crafted from premium brass and equipped with two silicone seal-rings in two different positions. It is designed to fit US standard drains and will never rust, corrode, or fade. Enjoy lasting performance with this robust and reliable drain stopper.

Our sink drain stopper is easy to install, no tools or special skills required. Simply take out the old one and insert the bounce core to complete. To clean, just turn the elastic cover and take out the elastic core for easy cleaning. Enjoy a clog-free sink with minimal effort!

Our bathroom sink drain hair catcher has been upgraded with an anti-clogging basket to effectively block hair, rings, necklaces, jewelry, and tea leaves. This tub drain hair catcher is easy to use and offers reliable protection against clogs and blockages.

Our sink drain stopper can be used in kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bathtub, basin and other places. It will provide you with a tight seal and prevent water from overflowing.

Size: 5.33x5.33x4.83cm
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