Lu Lu Soft bunny stuffed toy Perfect for baby gift(10 Pack)

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This incredibly cuddly and huggable bunny stuffed animal is one of the softest plush animals around, and its short fur is surface washable; perfect for baby toys as well as for girls and boys, or anyone else who loves bunnies and bear hugs

Whether to display on a bedroom shelf with his lovely dangly legs, added to an Easter gift basket or to be tucked under your little one's arm ready for daily play, this cute bunny is the rabbit for the job. Perfectly detailed with hard eyes, cute nose, long standing ears and a sewn-on smiley mouth.

Our plush toy rabbit is the perfect size for babies&children to bring along in the car, airplane.And simple to play with at anywhere.

Perfect decoration for parties, lawns and festivals! Can be used both indoor and outdoor! Celebrate in a big way with this, happy mood rabbit is perfect to enjoy alone or with your kids and Mom.

Stuffed bunny rabbit with long floppy ears make with fluffy plush fur ,very smooth and comfortable.

Package Includes:

Each pack Contains 1 Lu Lu Bunny based on your check out count of selection