Magic Sweeper Blue Apatite Tower Broom 7.08"-7.87" Healing Crystal Point Witch Altar Supplies for Crystal Therapy Cleaning(Bulk 3 Sets)

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Each broom is unique due to the use of natural crystals and handmade craftsmanship.
The crystal tower is approximately 1.96"-2.36" (5-6 cm) and the broom is 7.08"-7.87" (18-20 cm) tall and 1.96 cm (5 cm) wide. Total weight is approximately 0.22 lbs (100 grams).
Unique Design . Each material corresponds to a different pattern, Tiger's Eye Tower--Angel,Coloured Fluorite Tower -Angel, Green Fluorite Tower-ear of wheat,Clear Quartz Tower -deer, Blue Apatite Tower-Amethyst tooth,tiger's eye -owl,Rose Quartz Tower-bees,Amethyst Tower -Amethyst tooth
Apatite is a very peaceful gemstone that can make communication between people who often disagree more harmonious. Apatite can also stimulate creativity and help obtain information.
It can also improve the lack of vitality and absorb the negative energy of oneself and others, so that the physical, emotional, spiritual, spiritual and chakras are in a harmonious state, which is very beneficial。 It can also enhance the effect when shared with other crystals.

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