Magnetic Induction Chess Game Set,Commodum Table Top Magnet Chess Game, Magnetic Rocks Game Puzzle Toy Family Party Strategy Game for Kids Adults,Magnet Chess Game Board with Stones

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This game has 20 magnetic balls and is suitable for 2 or more people to play together. The aim of the game is simple - exhaust the magnetic pieces in your hand and win. This involves strategically placing the ball on the magnetic board, trying to avoid attracting more magnetic balls. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced chess player, our magnetic chess game are perfect for parties and family gatherings, great for both adults and children to play and provide endless fun for your family games.
This chess set is made of wooden game board and durable magnetic material, which ensures a long service life and reusability, ensuring that the chess pieces will not be deformed even after a long time of use, which is not only durable, but also comfortable and smooth to the touch. Strong magnetic magnet prevents the pieces from falling off easily, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience.
Experience complex challenges to logical thinking and problem solving in an enjoyable way. Whether you're playing a friendly game with family and friends or a solo challenge, this magnetic chess game will make for an enjoyable time. It also allows kids to get away from electronic devices and play with family, friends and classmates. As an open-ended puzzle toy, every adult and child loves to play it.
Magnetic Matchmaking Board Game is a fun and educational game that can help improve children's cognitive and thinking skills and promote brain development. This strategy board game requires players to be able to predict their opponent's moves and adjust their strategy, developing logical thinking and problem solving skills, making it ideal for children and family board games.
Whether you are traveling, camping, weekend leisure time or any other kinds of entertainment, this magnetic chess game will bring you endless fun and is an ideal party toy for any occasion. Enhance parent-child relationship through interactive game sessions and create a relaxing atmosphere during family party games. Magnetic Chess Set is the perfect toy gift, birthday gift or party favor gifts for kids, family and friends.

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