Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Smores Kit for Fire Pit Long Skewers 34 Inch(10 Pack)

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Taste the difference when your smores are deliciously roasted to perfection - evenly toasted on the outside, heartwarming gooey goodness on the inside. Our unique rotational handle design lets you rotate your fork prongs on demand while still keeping the handle straight and steady in the palm of your hand. Smore control for maximum yumminess. Perfect for hot dogs and other campfire treats too.
These highest quality power welded forks use non-toxic 18/8 304 stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning, no rusting and safe roasting. Smooth finished wooden handles ensure a steady grip and no more hot handles.
Keep your children a safe 34 inches away from any fire while they enjoy a fun time with family. Plus, no more fighting! Bright, multi-colored handle tips make identification easy. No more fighting about which stick belongs to who.
Simply dip the fork tips in some warm water for 15 minutes and gently remove any residue with soap and a sponge. Retracting fork design and heat-resistant zip pouch are convenient for long camping trips or storing at home.
It's the best marshmallow roasting sticks gift set for enjoying with the people you love at the cookout, campfire or fire pit outside. A camping accessories must-have for any camper into camping gear.

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