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Nail Gloves and Socks are moisturizing solutions for your hands and feet, specifically designed to protect and soften skin and cuticles. Each pack includes a sterile pair of gloves or boots filled with a special cream. To use, put the gloves or boots on your client, massage for three minutes, remove, and wipe skin with a wet towel.

Outer layer is made of super soft and environmental PE membrane, free from acid and alkaline.

Compared to traditional plastic membrane, PE membrane is far more softer and comfortable. Also it is hydrophilic but no leakage.

Inner layer is made by weaving spun silk into unique net-form membrane.

It is a silly, smooth membrane with countless meshes which makes the functional ingredients evenly distributed so that they are easy for the skin to absorb.

Soft and water proof material, fit your foot well. It will provide moisture and nutrients to your dry skin.

Hand Mask is specially formulated to soften the callus and to moisturize feet. The main ingredients such as papain are helpful to remove the callus. Also contains Shea Butter to keep your feet smooth and moisturized. Rose extract to make your feet feel refreshed and release the tiredness of the day.

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