Mole Tattoo Freckle Removal Portable Laser Plasma Pen

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Easy & Safe: Pen can easily do beauty at home, Mole, Tattoo, Freckle Removal Machine Family Salon Mini Portable Skin Care Laser Plasma Pen.

Operations: Three Modes, operates with electron ion technology, mini & compact design, easy to charge.

Modes:3 modes of different operations, higher level is used on mole, skin tag & tattoo, Lower level is used on Spot & freckle.

Electro-Ion Carbonization: Accurate control of current, carbonize at the moment of contact to quickly remove surface pigment & lining pigments.


Model Number:BH0054
Feature: Pore Remover
Material: ABS

Waterproof: Yes
Target Area: Face
Warranty:1 Year
Color: White
Product Size:13.1*2.2*2.2cm
Package Dimensions:16.1*6.5*3.5cm