Multi Grid Seasoning Box moisture Proofseasoning Condimnet Jar Set

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Sturdy & Durable - Made by Durable & Food Grade PP Material,which makes them completely safe for storing food items.

Good for Storage - Suitable for storing all kinds of condiments, seasoning and spices: salt, pepper, sugar, spice, corn starch and chicken broth powder and more.

Saving Space - Seasoning box rack can be stacked and placed to collect the seasonings of the bottles and cans to release the space on the countertop.

Transparent Seasoning Box - Can easily distinguish variety of condiments in the seasoning box, easy for storage.

Easily distinguish variety of condiments in the Kitchen Seasoning Box. You don‘t even need a label to know what’s what in it and how full everything is.Each box comes with spoons to prevent odor

Each Condiment Jars has a sealing rubber ring on the lid, which can make the lid more airtight to prevent spices from deteriorating and damp.Keep the spices fresh. The bottom of the tray are equipped with rubber anti-skid pads to make it stable and not easy to slide.
Package Includes:

Each pack Contains 4 Jars & Tray based on your check out count of selection