Multi Gym Fitness Cable Attachments Push Pull Down Sports Heavy Duty Triceps Pull Down Handles(Bulk 3 Sets)

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The cable handle is added with high-quality aluminum strips, with high strength, Support up to 450 lbs. And 1/2" stainless steel connection hole on the top, which is not easy to rust, and is very suitable for use with cable machines.

Cable machine handle grip is made of thermoplastic elastomer material, high strength and high elasticity. Circular texture design increases grip, and makes it easier to hold and exert force.

Additional angles can be provided for a more well-rounded workout. Plus great grip, perfect for working your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, chest and more.

Ergonomic, 1 1/2" grip, perfect for both men and women. 4 × 5 1/2" design, protect your hands while providing enough space.
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Each pack Contains 1 Pair based on your check out count of selection