Multifunction Survival Settlers Tool Bushcraft Hand Auger Wrench Scotch Eye Wood Auger Drill(Bulk 3 Sets)

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The drill bit come with protective cover is easy to carry, you can pass it through a belt and tie it to your waist, or place it with the hook provided. The scotch eye wood auger is the most important piece of Survival Tool. Great for Building Wooden Mallets, fish traps, chairs, Barbecue Grill, pump drills, and maple syrup taps.
The auger drill made of heavy duty steel with black paint coated for long service time. Advanced welding technology guarantees it won’t break off, Professional grinding for every spiral, aggressively sharp to bore the perfect hole.
The Hand Auger is composed of drill bit and Scotch Eye. Self-tapping guide screw design, ensures digging holes working efficiency, It is the perfect tool for any Outdoor camping, jungle crafts, hiking or backpacking, etc.
First, Use a wooden stick through the scotch eye to gain leverage, so you can easily turn the auger drill, You will get a 1 inch diameter hole. If you need make the connection peg, The scotch eyed wrench is has a cutting point for a peg wrench, you can hammer into a branch for a peg the same size as the wood auger bit.

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