Multifunctional Camping Expandable Storage Bucket Vehicle mounted Portable Beer(10 Pack)

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3.5L Outdoor Folding Telescopic Camping Storage Bucket Multifunctional Drinking Water Bucket Vehicle-mounted Portable Beer

This water dispenser is very suitable for outdoor water containers or storage rooms, and very convenient for parties. for family gatherings, parties, camping or outdoor activities. You can use it for iced drinks, juices, beverages, water, tea, beer, lemonade, oil, pineapples drinks,

With perfect size, it is easy for water storage, convenient for dispensing water at any time Beer Dispenser for Sports.

Water Dispenser for Outdoor Size: 17.60X17.60X11.00cm/6.92X6.92X4 water dispenser fridge.

Made of good and safe material, it is very durable and reliable for a period water dispenser. It has a compressible folding structure, which is spacing-saving, carrying for outdoors beverage dispenser.

This product is camping, hiking, travel, BBQ and outdoor activities outdoors water container. With large capacity, this water dispenser can meet water storage requires, whether indoor or outdoor water.
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