Multifunctional Dog Cat Feeders Food & Dog feeder Bowl Combo Pack

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Inbuilt sealing spoon helps to draw food from can, this food container can hold food and water and also it can be used to measure any other solids and liquid.

This pet treat container adopts a deepened capacity design, with a capacity of about 1 cup per scoop, which can accurately measure the volume of food and avoid overfeeding and wasting food.

High-quality materials: Our pet food spoons are made of high-strength, high-toughness ABS plastic material, it can be easy to contact with food and easy to use.

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Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Puzzle Anti-Gulping Interactive Bloat Durable Preventing Choking Healthy Dogs Bowl

The dog feeder bowl is suitable for dry or wet food. When the dog needs to clean the dog bowl after eating, just rinse it with water. become like new. Food scraps won't stick to this smooth inner wall.

Fun feeders promote healthy eating. After experimenting, the swirl flower pattern design can effectively slow down eating. Extend from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. And stop choking, adjust the pet's weight. Extend meal times to prevent indigestion and eat slower for healthier meals.