Natural Crystal Sagittarius Constellation Scepter 11.6 inches Magic Stick Handmade Design Cosplay Garment Accessory(10 Pack)

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The zodiac magic scepter length is about 11.4-11.8" (29-30cm). Note: Each item is natural and unique, the crystals on the scepter in the pictures are for display purposes only, we will send similar items as the pictures shown.
The energy of the zodiac magic scepter crystals allows one to focus their mental energy and achieve what their heart desires. In addition to the collection value, the crystal placed on the TV can absorb harmful radiation lines, and reduce home pollution. It also balances or enhances emotions and improves one's magnetic field, making us happy in life, more attractive, and more successful in our relationships.
Enhance personal charisma and aura: White crystal can help people enhance their aura and charisma, improve self-confidence and self-awareness, and promote personal growth and development.
The crystals on the zodiac magic scepter can stimulate the potential and improve memory, which is the best choice for students to improve study efficiency. The scepter also can be used as performance props, birthday gifts, and room decorations.

Each pack Contains 1 Item based on your check out count of selection