Non Slip Baby Bathtime tub play Chair sitting Up Seat with Suction Cups(Bulk 3 Sets)

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Baby bathtub seat have 4 suction cups at the bottom of the toddler bath tool, to prevent the seats from tilting, so it can be fixed on the bathtub to ensure stability and safety. Baby can sit on the stool and take a bath, feeding, haircut, shampoo, etc.
Bathtub seat for baby is made of high-quality plastic, without sharp corners, very smooth, stable suction cup, strong load-bearing capacity, suitable for newborn infant babies 6-18 months old.
14.37"D x 7.87"W x 11.42"H inches non-slip baby bath chair, its ergonomic backrest supports the baby's back. Suitable for helping the baby to practice sitting, and it is beneficial to the spine’s healthy growth of bones and muscles in the cervical vertebra, the front chest and the back.
Our baby bath seat for 6 months plus is easy to install, just put it in the bathtub, then position and lock the suction cup, you can use it with confidence.(Special note: When removing the bath chair from the bathtub, please pull the left and right rubber ears of the suction cup of the base to release the air under the suction cup, and then the bath chair can be easily removed from the bathtub.)