On-The-go Carry for Handle Containers Holder Pattern Scoop Spoon Cups Storage Baby Feeding Powder Newborn Food Candy Milk(Bulk 3 Sets)

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sealing, ensure air tightness, help to preventing formula from getting wet and bad.Also doubles as a snack cup or container for nuts, candy, fruit, and more.
The small footprint means it can be easily stored in a stroller bag, a medium mom backpack, and is perfect for travel or on-the-go.
Carry enough milk powder to feed the baby when going out, and it is easy to carry.Enough capacity for holding the formula milk powder without worrying baby hungry during travel a day. Baby Formula Holder
Spoon compartment design, the spoon and milk powder are stored separately to keep it hygienic; Easy to scoop the milk powder up and the amount of it will be accurately and strictly controlled.
Sealed, clean and sanitary, easy to disassemble and clean, making on-the-go feeding easier.Protects formula or food and prolongs freshness. Easy to clean and dry.