Perfect for Pet Walking, Portable, Survival, Outdoors Rechargeable Self Defense Flashlight (10 Pack)

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Suitable for security work, pet walking, survival, pastoral guarding, self-defense and anti-riot, hunting, outdoor mountaineering, long-term driver backup, etc.
This is not a product that is designed be used as a blunt force striking weapon.
Please press the green main switch button before use. There are 2 indicator lights, one is a working indicator, which keeps green light during work. The other one is shock indicator, only when the light is red, the electric shock can be used . There are 2 buttons, one is the electric shock button, which is closer to the indicator light. The other one is the flashlight button. The product is made of aluminum alloy. The net weight is 0.94 lb. Scalability,the length between 16.5 inch and 18.9 inch can be adjusted manually at will.The run time is about 4 hours.

Each pack Contains 1 Item based on your check out count of selection