Perfect Gift Anti Drowning Lifesaving Smart Wristband Inflatable Wrist Strap for Swimming Self Rescue Floating Bracelet

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Suitable for underwater swimming, fishing, yacht sightseeing, diving, sea surfing, boating and other water sports.

This is an emergency life preserver that you can strap right to your wrist in case you don't feel like wearing a life jacket.It's lightweight and portable design makes it much less bulky than a life preserver.

The swim lifesaving wrist strap is adjustable, suitable for wearing on the wrist or arm to meet the needs of more people.

How to Use:
Try to put on and adjust the wrist strap until it is comfortable to wear before entering the water only when additional buoyancy is needed. The bracelet should be tight enough not to slip off the wrist.
Lift the lever with your thumb
Pull and return for quick inflation
Pull the bracelet to your chest.
Use the compass to find your location.
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