Perfect Gift for Lightweight Camping, Hiking Outdoor Wind Shield for Stove

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Our stove windshield is made of polished aluminum to provide wind protection for gas and wood-burning stoves. It is made with a special surfaced treatment technology that makes it rust and fingerprint proof

The gas stove windshield has 10 plates that can be disassembled and reassembled by bolts. The strong bracket creates a stable support for most outdoor cooking

The camping wind shield can be moved up and down as you want it with easy fixation. Simply fasten the nails together and insert them into the surface to provide absolute flexibility and stability to avoid tipping

The windshield comes with a carrying case for convenient storage that makes it suitable for long-distance travel. Its lightweight design reduces the weight of your backpack making it perfect for outdoor camping cooking, etc

The foldable camping stove windshield can be used for both indoor and outdoor stove use. It makes a thoughtful gift idea for a birthday party, or any occasion for someone who loves to go camping, fully stocked and equipped
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