Perfect gift Magic Organ Cat Claw Board Foldable Cat Scratch Board Interactive Scratcher Cat Toy With Bell

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Wrap-around track design with the bell-shaped ball, Can be bent and connected into the shape of a circle, can also be disassembled and contracted into the shape of an organ can be folded cat scratcher

Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board: The magic organ cat scratching board comes with a bell, and when your cat tracks the bell on the track, it keeps rolling.

This Cat Scratching toy uses high-quality environmentally-friendly corrugated paper, with tight gaps, which will never hurt the cat's claws.

The Best Gift for Cat Lovers, If your cat does not know how to play with the magic organ cat scratching board, please refer to our video and if you have catnip please place it inside the ball, it will be more attractive to your cat. Interactive cat scratching board, freeing the cat's nature, non-stop chase play can also sharpen his claws

Versatile Cat Scratcher, The magic organ cat scratching board can be used as a cat scratching board, cats can also lie on it as a nest, and installed with a bell can become an interactive toy
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