Perfect quality Wrist Wraps Weightlifting straps Cross training(10 Pack)

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Wrist Wraps Protect Your Wrists From Serious Injury During Extremely Heavy Weight Lifting, Wristwraps have good support and protection properties, high quality wrist wrap not only provide support and protection,
but also reduce wrist overload, protect muscles and soft tissues from injury, reduce pain when putting pressure on muscles, and provide good coverage to the injured area protection to prevent re-injury.

Super Heavy Duty Wraps Made of Premium Quality Cotton With Extra Large Velcro

There are thumb loops on the wrist wraps, first pass the thumb through the round rope on the wrist, then pass the hand through the cylinder, so that the wrist wrap is just on the wrist, then use the velcro to lengthen the bandage from the bottom of the wrist to the bottom of the wrist wrap it around your wrist, attach the velcro, and wear it in a few simple steps.

One Size Fits All - Both Men and Women - Dimensions: 3" X 24" For Best Possible Support

Designed by our fitness experts for Heavy Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Cross Training, Strongman & Gym Workouts
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Each pack Contains 1 pair Item based on your check out count of selection