Perfectly drip Oil bottle with silicone brush Pastry steak Liquid Oil Brushes Baking BBQ Tool(Bulk 3 Sets)

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Design of silicone dripper and silicone brush can bring you a lot of convenience in cooking.The glass oil jar with scale and cap will make you apply it precision pouring and anointing.

The bottle cap has a flow hole design,the brush can be put back on the bottle cap after use and the oil can flow directly back into the bottle.It is more perfect than the traditional cooking brush design

Gently squeeze the dripper and suck in the fluids.Then release it slowly in the pot and basting or sprayed it evenly on the food.

Each kit and gadgets can be disassembled and then cleaned holders with clean water.

Milk, chinese canola or vegetable oil, soy, canola, lime Juice,maple syrup,japanese miso, can be pouring into the empty bottle.Peanut or hot sauce, teppanyaki grill in kitchen, liquid chocolate, butter,ketchup, candy, egg, popcorn, mushroom sauce, syrup, lemon or orange or coconut oil, can be used by brush simplely.

Food-grade silicone brush,high temperature resistance and no deformation,the bottle body is made of thick glass,which is durable.Detachable design,easy to clean to every corner
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