Pet Shedding Tool Hair Fur Remover Puppy Electric Hair Shedding Grooming Brush Comb Remover Unload Vacuum Cleaner Trimmer (Bulk 3 Sets)

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product is not just for pets,and is perfect for cleaning bedding,sofa,car seat,clothes and furniture.

Pet vacuum grooming system collects pet hair with vacuum cleaner, massages nodules and gentle suction to remove shed fur without puncturing bristles or pulling Ideal for short-haired or long-haired pets.

you can use it to massage your pets so that they relax and release the pressure.

Good confort handle easy to use,and you can hold it with one hand comfortably.

When using it for hair care,it does not damage the skin of your pet and keeps your pet well cared for,and will cooperate with you and you can finish the job in a short time.

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