Portable tent accessories staking adjustment rope buckle spring cleat pegs for outdoor camping(Bulk 3 Sets)

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Constructed from superior aluminum alloy + stainless steel material, not easy to deform, resistant to corrosion, sturdy and durable for use to prevent outdoor shelter cracking.
Come with spring buckle, which helps fix tent stakes better to prevent the ground nail from falling off or rotating due to the fall of the tent. Each of it with double holes, which extremely easy to lock the rope in place and adjust the length of the rope and firmly fasten the tent.
Just insert it into the gap and rotate it to fix it when installing the tent on the wooden board with gaps in the camping area. It can be installed without damage to the board. It will be more effective when combined with carabiner.
It can be used to install and fix tents and canopies on deck or wooden boards when you are camping outdoors.
It is small and lightweight to take out for outdoor activities. It contains 10pcs fishbone tent stakes with spring buckle.

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