Power Training cinturon Lever Leather Buckle Heavy lift Weightlifting Weight Powerlifting Gym Lifting Belt(10 Pack)

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Introducing a game-changing weight belt for men & women made of pre broken-in leather. No need for breaking-in, this genuine 100% leather weightlifting belt can be used straight out of the pack. Available in 3 colours, it's perfect for men and women seeking a reliable weight lifting or gym belt.

Keep good form & prevent injury with our exercise belt. Designed for both men and women, our 4" wide back support & 7mm thick squat belt for men provides core & lumbar protection. Perfect for deadlifts or Pendlay rows, our belt ensures safety during your workouts.

Tough & durable, our lifting belts for women have been made with top grain leather on the outside and supersoft suede on the inside, providing a comfortable fit & secure grip for women. It features double reinforced stitching with double cap rivets for built-to-last quality. With an ultra-strong double prong belt for effective pressure distribution, you can perform better than ever before.

Optimise your lactic acid training with our 7mm thick Tapered Powerlifting Belts. Perfect for bodybuilders, cross training, and any fitness training. Gain more muscle mass, endurance, and do deeper squats with lightweight, durable and flexible workout belts for men and women. Achieve maximum performance with our top-quality belt for powerlifting.

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