Premium Quality Four-Tray Spice Jar Set with Spoons & Lid(Bulk 3 Sets)

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These Four-Tray Spice Jars with Spoons feature an ergonomic design with easy-to-hold handles. The lid pulls up instantly on a thumb’s push, making it very easy to use during cooking

Feel like your kitchen needs a little sprucing up? Why not start with this attractive spice container? Our food-grade PP material is the perfect choice for preserving flavor while keeping all your spices and condiments in one place

Our premium-grade spice jar set is designed to keep moisture and dust out, preserving the purity of your seasonings! It’s both a practical and eye-catching addition to your kitchen

The base of these PP Spice Containers with Lids features a sophisticated anti-skid design. So, you can place these anywhere on your kitchen shelves without worrying about unstable placement

Spice Containers come in blue, pink, and white colors with transparent lids. So, take your pick and start adding some magic to your kitchen decor today
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