Push Up Board 4 in 1 Fitness Equipment Portable Home Gym Burn Fat Strength Training Equipment for Men&Women Perfect Push-up Training Equipment(10 Pack)

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push-up plates help you perform perfect push-ups and you don't have to worry about muscle injuries or tendon injuries due to incorrect posture. Combined with the resistance band set, it guides you through standard strength training, resistance exercise and cardio for the most efficient workout

Adopt thickened and reinforced ABS board body,One-piece injection molding Exercise equipment with good stability and weight-bearing capacity,Large bottom suction cups and circular non-slip mats for various venues and strong grip The non-skidding guarantees the quality of training

Mainly by the push-up handle, sit-up bar and elastic rope composition. For example, in business travel, at home, office, and hotel through different combinations, you can achieve the effect of a mini-gym. You no longer have to be unable to exercise due to insufficient space at home and you don’t have to pay for expensive fitness equipment.

Adjustable bracket Innovative design,Adjustable grip distance 90°-180°,One pitch every 18°,Suitable for people with different shoulder width,Meet the requirements of different arm widths,360° Adjustable angle push-up handle,Exercise different muscle groups,Hidden pulley at the bottom,Converts to Ab roller exercise equipment for core workout

The sit-up bar should be installed on a smooth and sturdy ground,Wipe the suction cups and the ground clean before installation, put it flat and lift the bar 90° upward,Check whether the suction cups are firmly sucked to the ground, you can carry out the sit-up movement,After installation and fixing, fix the elastic band on the bracket and use the elastic band for exercise,Put your foot on the Removable push-up plate to prevent accidents

Give the portable home gym as a gift to your family and friends and promote fitness awareness to those around you and have an enviable strong body.Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we offer a 100% refund if our products do not meet your expectations.

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