Reflexology Foot Massager Mat(Bulk 3 Sets)

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Ems Foot Massage Pad Relax Usb Electric Mat Foot Circulation Massager Reflexology Foot Massager Mat Black

When moving both your bare feet to the massage mat, the massage mat for feet will relax the muscles and acupoints in your feet, which could relax your muscles and promote blood flow, which not only help relieve pain and fatigue in your feet and legs but also improve foot circulation.

The acupressure mat is lightweight, comfortable, soft, portable, foldable and can be rolled up. There is a drawstring bag going together where you could put the mat and all accessories into and which is very convenient for storage.

The massage pad, made of high-quality yoga mat, smooth, soft and durable, adopt insulation protection technology, USB recharging, fully charged in one hour, and can be used for more than 12 times if you use 15 minutes per time and 15 minutes automatic power-off protection.

Suitable for sports enthusiasts, people who wear high heels, travel outdoors, sit and stand for a long time etc. Fit different foot sizes and you could take it everywhere for relieving fatigue.

Foot massager, noiseless, can be used when watching TV, reading or working. It is a great and ideal gift for parents, wife, husband or friends at their birthday or in Christmas Day.

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