Resistance Tube for Exercise with Large Anti-Slip Pedals, 4-Tube Elastic Pull Rope, Fitness Tube for Workout, Stretching, Weight Loss

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Resistance Tube Set will help you build muscle, strength, and tone the body. It is perfect for a variety of exercises including toning arms, shoulders, chest, glutes, abs, biceps, buttocks, and legs. The set is ideal for both beginner and advanced training levels

With 4 strong rubber bands, you can choose the resistance levels for your exercise routine. Each Band has a tensile strength of about 20 pounds. You can stack the bands up to a resistance of 80 pounds. Choose the resistance that works best for your fitness level.

Multifunction tension rope fitness. This resistance training tool workouts your arms, tummy, shoulders, legs and butt. It is not only way to lose your fat by exercising with our tummy trimmer but also a way to shape your body.

The handle is wrapped in a layer of anti-slip foam. It is non-toxic and non-irritating. The environmentally friendly foam will also avoid sweating or slipping of the hands when you are exercising. They are ultra-comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

Increase range of motion stretching. Reduce risk of injury warming up before playing sports and relieve post exercise aches and pains after exercise. Reduce stress and improve joint flexibility and mobility.

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