Security Bunny Soothe Oatmeal Bunny for Newborns - MOQ 10 Pcs

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Lovely Handmade Newborns Security Bunny Soothe Super Soft Baby Comforter Blanket For Kid.

Oatmeal Bunny is a comforting cuddle toy of super-soft, textured creamy white fabric.

Stuffed head and un-stuffed body make this rabbit part toy and part blanket.

For Baby Boys & Girls: Neutral colors look great in any nursery; bunny has long floppy ears with tan trim and satin lining, embroidered eyes for total softness.

Washable: Care for by washing in cold water on gentle cycle, air dry.

Toys for babies and toddlers make great gifts for a baby shower, birthday, or for anytime as a buddy for a child or grandchild.