Silicone Butt Plugs - MOQ 10 Pcs

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Pink silicone butt plug, anal pleasure, Swarovski, Mature Anal Bead, butt plug, jeweled anal jewelry, Intimate jewel All Sizes

Silicone butt plug, Black Silicone Sex Toy Anal Jeweled Butt Plug anal jewelry, Anal Bead

Product Specifications:

Colors in Stock:

Pink Silicone Purple Stone
Red with Dark Violet Stone
Black with Golden color Stone
Purple with Light Violet Stone
Black with Clear color Stone - only one available Please request your color choice

Small: 6.7 cm Height; 2.8 cm Width
Medium: 7.6 cm Height; 3.5 cm Width
Large: 9.2 cm Height; 4.2 cm Width

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