Simple Clean look Toothpaste Dispenser Wall Mount for Bathroom

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The strong non-marking adhesive strip used in the automatic toothpaste dispenser has an excellent caulking effect. It can be firmly bonded regardless of plastic, metal, wood, mirror, or tile, except for easily torn wallpapers. And good performance in high-temperature and humid environments. There will be no residue on the wall after tearing it off.

No drill, no holes, toothpaste dispenser wall mounted installation is easy without hurting the wall. Before installation, please clean the wall, press the adhesive strip to bond the wall entirely, and use it after 2 hours.The toothpaste dispenser is suitable for most toothpaste, and the screw mouth of the toothpaste is between 0.39-0.47in.

he automatic toothpaste dispenser is hygienic and convenient, frees hands, has a unique dual-position patented technology ideal for kids and adults. Two squeeze positions, two kinds of toothpaste flow, suitable for children and adults.Also, you can adjust the pressure to adjust the length and quantity of toothpaste by observing the transparent toothpaste squeezer shell, observing the speed and size of the toothpaste.

Automatic toothpaste dispenser Vacuum principle and push design can squeeze out quantitative of toothpaste you need, scientific amount and no waste. Both for adults and children, especially toothpaste squeezer allows your kids the ability to dispense the toothpaste by themselves.
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