Singing Recording Mimic Repeating What You Say Toy with 120 English Songs Electronic Light Up Plush Give Kids Gifts(10 Pack)

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Talking cactus baby toy comes with 120 cheerful audio clips. It dances happily and glows confidently while playing music. Features clear recording for up to 15 seconds. Great baby/kids gift for Easter birthtday and important days.
This dancing talking cactus baby toy literally repeats anything you say to it. When you giggle, it giggles. When you shout at it, well, it will shout back at you with its funny voice. Besides, it can record and save one audio message so that you can play over and over again.
With just 2 buttons, it’s super easy to use this toy. One button for “record and play”, and another for playing and switching songs. Great toy for kids, friends, family as birthday gift, easter basket stuffers gift, or party favors. Super easy and fun, suitable for all ages!
The repeating feature encourages kids to talk more to this lovely dancing Singing cactus. During the talk and repeat process, kids learn to pronounce, to express their ideas and emotions. Mimicking Recording Cactus Toy is an ideal toy especially for kids with autism or speech delays.

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