Soft Baby Tooth Brush U Shape(10 Pack)

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We all want what's best for our little ones, and that starts with establishing healthy habits early on. If you're looking for a fun and easy way to encourage your toddler to brush their teeth, look no further. Morning and night time routines will be a breeze with Our Happy Bubble U shape toothbrush 360.

Made of quality food grade silicone, soft and durable

Our toddler toothbrush is designed for young kids who may need extra encouragement. Toddlers toothbrush is designed for kids from 2-5 years old. Sizing will vary depending on your child's mouth size. We understand that habit forming can be the most challenging part. Giving your child a great u shaped toothbrush kid will give them the confidence to graduate to a regular toothbrush.

Toothbrush is safe and made with 100% premium liquid silicone. It's soft and gentle for delicate gums. We include an extra brush head to switch out after 6 months.

There’s nothing better than receiving a thoughtful gift like u-shaped toothbrush for kids to help make parenting a little easier. Our Happy Bubble kid toothbrush u shape makes a great gift for a baby shower or a birthday party.

We're so grateful to have the opportunity to help other parents with the challenges that come with forming healthy habits. As parents, we all go through the same struggles. We search for tools to help make the experience more enjoyable. We hope our training kid u shaped toothbrush will give your little

Apply an appropriate amount of Children's Foam Toothpaste on both sides of the toothbrush, and then brush the teeth with repeated swings from side to side.

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