Soft Sport Rubber Landmine Attachment for Barbell Turn any surface into a Barbell(10 Pack)

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Achieving fitness goals at home has never been this convenient. This Barbell Landmine Row allows you a 360 degree swivel from a small corner. You get the full range of your Olympic barbell without the need for a bulky cable machine or power rack, or the expense of a bulky weights and bar set. Great for small spaces like living rooms and garages.

The honeycomb texture design on the surface of the landmine enhances the friction with the ground. The inner wall anti-compression design of the landmine so that the barbell can fit the mine more stable and prevent it to slip off.

The use of high elastic rubber material and honeycomb shape design molding, easy to adsorb any surface, such as cement floor, wood floor, lawn, rubber floor, etc. You can exercise anywhere, at home, gym, even the park. Easy to clean, convenient to carry, non-slip and durable.

Upgrade your workout with the best equipment, half kneel shoulder press, side lunge, mine press, overhead squat. Target muscles to add chest, back, shoulders, triceps. You can also put one on the ground, the other on the easy to grip barbell, you will agree that this is a barbell landmine, yes, mine!
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