Spinal Fusion Surgery Back Brace Plus Rigid Lumbosacral Corset Belt with Pulley

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Easily adjust the amount of pressure on your back and spine with just one hand. Designed to provide you with comfortable support by allowing natural movement. Encourages proper posture and alignment of your spine. Adjust in seconds for light to high-level abdominal compression.

The pulley back brace is built to comfortably and easily treat your lower back pain without a prescription. The lumbar support belt stabilizes your lower back to relieve pain, provides injury support, and prevents lower back injury so you can stay active.

The back support belt creates pressure in your abdominal cavity which then, in turn, provides a hydrostatic lift in your lower spine to relieve pressure. Decompression back belt great for herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, fractured vertebrae, osteoporosis, post-operative fusion and more.

Corset back supports waist belt made from a breathable nylon material to provide you with maximum comfort while keeping you cool. Features nylon mesh side panels to provide you with vertical support

Don’t let a sore or injured backstop you. Adjustable back brace perfect for the person who loves to stay active. Our lower back pain relief belt offers a greater power for added support and stability for athletes, exercising, sports, yard work, walking, etc.
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