Sports Outdoor Compression Long Knee Sleeve Leg Support knee brace(1 sleeve per pack)

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Knee Braces Non-Slip Compression Sleeve for Women & Men

unique sports support knee pad can effectively relieve pain, protect knees and legs, and reduce the impact force during sports. It is also a warm kneepad in winter, which can effectively prevent arthritis.

While providing protection and support for knees and legs, massage acupoints, activate body cells, relieve joint pain, eliminate toxins in the body and reduce weight in a healthy way. It helps to improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

This multi-functional knee pad is very suitable for outdoor sports, fitness, yoga, running, hiking, etc. It provides effective support and protection for your knees and legs, and effectively relieves pain and fatigue.

It has the graduated compression perfect for less intense exercise, such as jogging, cycling, golf, hiking. It also can be worn as an undersleeve, with or without a knee brace.