Super Hero Watch for Boys 21 Images Projector 3D Watch Wall Image Projector Smart Watch Digital Wrist Watch for Kids Boys 6-12 Birthday Gift(10 Pack)

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【High quality material】 Made of ABS environmentally friendly plastic, it is safe and environmentally friendly, durable, and it is relatively lightweight, suitable for children to wear, and won't bring any burden to your child.
【Cool design】This Hero 3D projection watch is not only a watch form, which can be worn to watch the time, but also can turn into a robot form with flexible joints, which can be swung at will, which is very cool, and when the image is not clear, the button is turned to improve the clarity
【Projectable】 This watch can not only tell the time, but also project, every time you press the button, it will automatically switch to a pattern, you can project 21 different models of Hero patterns.
【Easy to wear】 The watch comes with a simple buckle strap that allows the watch to be worn on the wrist from all angles and can be adjusted to find the most comfortable fit, so it's suitable for any child to wear
【Perfect Gift】 We are a 3D projection watch designed using Hero cartoon image as the theme, cool electronic watch shape. Your child will love it, a great gift for her/his birthday or for your personal watch collection.

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