Super Long Fox Tail Anal Plug Adult Pleasure Toy - MOQ 10 Pcs

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40cm Super Long Cat Dog Tail Anal Plug Adult Sex Toy Fox Anal Plug Tail For Men Women

The tapered plug has a teardrop style shape which enables easy insertion, and once at the base, the skeleton tail shows itself off.

The tail has an internal structure meaning it can be shaped lie a tear drop, twisted and contorted in which ever way you see fit.

This makes the tail extra unique when playing, helping enhance foreplay and user comfort when worn. Act as a scared animal and stand this tail up while a lover takes care of you, or be a sensual minx and twist the tail into an alluring spiral. The choice of seduction lies in your hands.

The tail can also be moved away from the body, so if you're particularly ticklish, this plug ca be stood away from the legs to interrupt the soft, stroking fur on the body which some may find uncomfortable.

Riding the pony has never been so easy with the Skeleton Fur Tail Plug.

The tail of this plug measures 17.7 inches in length.