Inflatable Waffle Cushion for Bed Sore Cushions for Butt for Elderly, Suitable for Bedridden Disabled, Breathable、Comfort,Pain Relife and Pressure Sore Cushions for Sitting in Recliner

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Our chair cushion can be inflated fast with the included hand pump. You can easily adjust the air level and firmness for your specific body type by adding or removing air. Deflation is as easy as Inflation. Just pinch the mouth of the valve and squeeze the cushion to let air out quickly.
When deflated, the seat pad can be easily fold and put into a purse, briefcase or travel bag. Compact and lightweight, the inflatable seat cushion is extremely portable.
The seat cushion is made of flocking fabric, 2 times thicker than ordinary PVC fabric, comfortable and breathable, durable. Not easy to durty, stains only need to be wiped off with a damp cloth. Breathable and comfortable in summer, it is not easy to sweat, and it is not easy to harden in winter.
office chair; car; travel; stadium. Can be used for seat cushions or backrests to enhance heat dissipation and ventilation and reduce the pressure on the hips and back. It is ideal for your daily life or travel.
Our air-cushiony adopt high-temperature hot pressing and porous design to disperse the pressure of the seat body and accelerate air dredging. After the cushion is inflated, it increases the contact area of the buttocks and the air cushion, reduces the pressure on the buttocks, and distributes the pressure to the cushion.