Toddler Sleeping Sack with Feets TOG 0.5 Sleepsack Toddler Sleep Sack with Legs

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High quality material 0.5 TOG which makes it perfect for year-round comfort. Sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating prevent your baby from sweating. Breathable and soft, provide your little baby a safe and cozy sleep.

Baby sleep sack provides enough space for kicking but can't be kicked off, tuck feet in at night, little ones stay warm through the night, restful, peaceful sleep for all. Foot openings design of baby sleep sack for better mobility, easy to walk when baby is awake. The toddler sleeping sack is light and comfortable, make it perfect for your early walkers and toddlers.

Instead of unzip from the top, Unzip from the bottom to make it convenient for changing diaper. Toddler sleeping sack comes with zipper protection to protect the baby from scratch.

This baby sleeping sack is designed as a sleep time wearable blanket for baby so sleep sacks will be much larger than regular one, these run generous in size for movement when your child is walking. Light weighted sleep sack baby, machine washable & hand wash, iron at low temperature if needed.