Travel Soft Flocking Adults Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow(10 Pack)

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Inflatable footstool to help your feet and legs to rest and fatigue after work comfortably, or prolonged travel on trains, buses and airplanes to relieve foot pain,when sitting down to improve comfort,improve circulation and can reduce leg swelling through leg lift.

This product is made of 99% of PVC flocking fabric and 1% of composite cashmere fabric, gives you a soft and comfortable feeling.

The pillow can be inflated and stored in a small place when not in use,it is practical and easy to carry, the perfect gift to your friends, colleagues, parents and elders.

It is helpful to relieve muscle soreness and improve blood circulation. Raising your legs to prevent swelling of your legs.Improve Comfort when seated,support the leg to reduce muscle strain and fatigue,reduce leg swelling and improve circulation.

You can use this foot rest pillows as a pillow to your air mattress if you own an air mattress.The inflatable foot rest pillow can improves blood circulation, and lesson distension by raising the legs.
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