Turnable Balls Feeder Cats Toy IQ Training Leak Food Slow Feeder For Pet Cat

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It is a cat toys for indoor cats, safe and fun for your cat to walk around and get some exercise. When you are busy at work or not at home, it can be there for your cat to play and feed your kitten, providing the best mental and physical stimulation for your cat, this interactive cat toy can keep your cat busy and can get more exercise. It is a fun cat IQ training toy.

Open the top cover to fill with cat snacks, which can be added at any time during the interaction with your pet. The bottom of this cat toys has a design similar to a non-reverse, which ensures that the toy swings back and forth. When the cat suddenly or constantly turns the feeder with its paws, the kitten snacks you once filled will flow out of the small hole as food for the cat, encouraging it to continue the chase.

This cat toys comes with cat hair and cat balls, which can attract multiple cats to compete for the cat hair. At the same time, the two balls with tracks will roll with the swing of the product and will not fall off no matter how much the cat taps.

This cat toys not only frees your hands, but also solves the difficulty that you don't have time to play with your cat. The cat hair stick at the top requires you to insert it hard to prevent it from falling off.

This indoor cat interactive toy is made of safe and environmentally friendly ABS plastic, odorless, healthy, resistant to wear and tear, durable and can be used for a long time without batteries, Interactive cat toys with counterweight at the bottom, no matter how the cat fiddles, it will not fall off.