Two Compartments and Utensil Food Fridge Storage Box Food Grade Containers Collapsible Lunch Box- Silicone Food Storage Box

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With separate compartments for portioned food or snacks, and a fork and spoon combination utensil, this item provides you with all you need for a slick lunchtime routine.

This food organizer is made of food-grade silicone and includes a clear, airtight, leak-proof lid.

Quick and easy to save you time! Simply wipe this item clean, or you can utilize the dishwasher if preferred.

Suitable for use in the microwave, you may choose to cook your fresh food or reheat leftovers to save on food wastage.

Office, and Travel~ This product provides the ideal solution for your lunch, whether you are keeping it cool in the fridge at home, on your travels, or in the office.

uitable for all adults, this bento-style lunch box could be the perfect gift for any occasion throughout the year.
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