Two In one Hair Removal Cleaning Double Side Bath Rake Comb Pet Dog Cat Shedding Deshedding Brush Grooming Comb With Water Tank

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Wide Application and Convenient Packing: Suitable for long-haired cats and dogs, our pet hair removal comb leaves their coats shiny, tangle-free, and cat brush with water can be conveniently carried in your bag.

With short, fine teeth on the back, this cat cleaning brush effectively removes loose pet hair from clothes, sofas, and more.

grooming brush has double rows of round comb teeth cater to different animal hair lengths, promoting efficient hair removal while being gentle on your pet's skin.

Pet hair cleaner brush for cats can effortlessly remove pet hair while providing a soothing massage for your furry friends.

Made of high-quality abs and silicone, our cat hair remover brush is lightweight and easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting use.