upholstery Cordless Steam Iron Handheld Ironing Portable Dry Wet & rotatable (Bulk 3 Sets)

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easy to use and rechargeable. AUTOFAST MINI IRON adopts a pointed detail design, which can effectively deal with the subtle corners of the clothes during theironing process. For example, the areas around the buttons and the mouth of the clothes can be easily solved. The perfect choicefor perfectionists .

After the water in the water storage tank is heated at high temperature, the fine high-temperature water mist is sprayed from theuniform pores under the pressure of the button, which can effectively iron the clothes while achieving high-temperature steerrilizattion.

Compared with the small irons of 20ml and 30ml on the market, our Portable Handheld Iron is very cost-effective. We have a 50mlwater storage tank, which can iron multiple pieces of clothing at one time when traveling, which greatly improves efficiency and happiness in life!

Do not directly touch the heated titanium alloy plate surface with your hands. The temperature is very high during the heating process. You can test the temperature at a distance of 2 to 3 cm from the titanium alloy plate, but you must not touch it directly.

No matter what is ironed, it cannot be placed directly on top of the article. Long-term storage will damage the article. We have provided a heat-insulating silicone pad, which can be placed on the silicone pad after each ironing. Remove the plug to avoid continuous heating

While the small iron is heating up, the water in the internal water tank is also heating up at the same time, remember not to spray the spray directly on your hands, the temperature is very high, it will directly burn the skin! ! !
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