Upholstery Winter Outdoor Hood Windproof Ski Cycling Hunting Full Face

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Winter Outdoor Hood Windproof Ski Cycling Hunting Full Face Cap Neck Warmer Fleece balaclava Hat with Scarf Mask

Our wind-resistant ski mask is made with our patented thick, premium Furnace Fleece. The soft, thick fleece will keep your head toasty and warm in even the most frigid conditions. Great for skiing, working out in the snow or commuting.

The Tundra Balaclava is made using super soft fleece fabric, it’s like a duvet for your head. When you’re out in freezing conditions and howling wind you’ll feel warm and cozy in this soft, comfy balaclava. It’s so comfy you won’t want to take it off. The perfect winter balaclava for snug all day comfort.

With complete face coverage, draw tight toggles and a generously long neck, the Tundra blocks out all wind chill and won’t let any drafts in. The ultimate winter fleece balaclava to block out winter.

Freezing moisture is the biggest cause of discomfort when skiing or out in the cold. That’s why the Tundra Balaclava has a breathable Poly-Spandex mouth panel and moisture wicking fleece to keep you both warm and dry all day. The perfect ski mask for men or snow face mask women.

The Tundra isn’t just a great snow hood balaclava. This balaclava can be worn as a neck warmer, half mask, ninja hoodie, or a full balaclava for the best cold weather protection.

We also offer the Tundra Chic - thick fleece balaclava, fur balaclava women, fleece balaclava women, a variation that comes with faux fur trip for extra style and warmth. Great as a snow hood women for either skiing or when out and about in the depths of winter when you want to stay warm and stylish.

The Tundra features an extra long neck to block any wind chill getting to your neck or down your jacket. Consider yourself toasty!
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