Wide Massage hot water with soft velvet bag for perfect relief - MOQ 10 Pcs

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Hot water bottles are ideal for cozy evenings, especially on cold winter days, the hot water bottle ensures well-being and comfort.

1.5 Liter capacity, You need to fill up your hot water bottle and put it in the bed 5 minutes before you go to bed so it's warm and cozy.

The hoe water bottle is made from an advanced thermoplastic PVC material, a screw cap great help to prevent leakage from bottle.

The hot water bottle made from an advanced thermoplastic PVC material and high-quality soft fleece materials for the extra comforting feeling you will love. And is completely harmless in contact with your skin.

Good for sore, aching muscles, stress, migraines, arthritis pain and menstrual cramps, enjoy soothing relief. The hot water bottle helps ease pain and creates a relaxing atmosphere and it is suitable for any scene.


1.5 Liter capacity
Soft bag Included