Women and Men Fully Adjustable Back Posture Corrector & Breathable Safety Back Brace Waist Support Combo Pack

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Fully Adjustable Back Support Brace Belt Posture Corrector For Pain Relief

Posture corrector plus size can improve lousy posture, mainly acting on the neck, shoulders, back, chest. It opens the shoulders, prevents scoliosis, and corrects bad posture by pulling the upper body bones and muscles back to their normal position with external support.

After adjusting posture correctly, you can feel the lower back pain relief and the relief of the pain in critical areas so that you can keep away from slouching and hunching and breathe more smoothly.

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Wide and lengthy hook and loop fastener from the front panels make it easier for wearing, tightening and removing the brace. It also saves undesirable ridging of skin that causes pain when bending and sitting

Back panel with breathable nylon material. Improved aeration ability minimizes development of heat around back panel for extra comfort

Top quality knit suspenders enhance comfort during use minimizing impinge on the groin area. Ideal for daily use during work..