Yoga Sticks Stretching Tool Posture Retractable Design

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Open your shoulders as a yoga stretching tool,Pain relief equipment after long-term work,back stretcher posture corrector to improve your temperament
The yoga stick can be used to improve humpback, chest expansion, open back and standing training, pull the shoulders to the real position, correct bad posture.

Adjustable length from 21inch to 34inch,suitable for children and adults,2 sticks in parallel can be used as stretching sticks,adjusted into a cross can be used as a back posture corrector

Different from traditional wearable posture corrector,no need to ware it all the time,Just grab it and start practicing

high-density thickened foam with 3 colors cover the stainless steel tube,Sweat-absorbent and non-slip

The yoga stick is different from the wearable posture corrector, you don't need to wear it all the time, just use it for 20 minutes a day. Therefore, it is especially suitable for office workers, the elderly and children.

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